My name is Ashley, I am a twenty-something Malaysian Chinese who is currently taking a few months off to travel across Southeast Asia. I am not a long time backpacker, not the best writer I know, horrible at handling stress, very afraid of uncertainties, gets sick all the time… basically, not very travel-blogger material.

So what the hell am I doing here? -_-

Honestly, I am not entirely sure, either. I’ve read articles on how to start a travel blog, how to be a successful travel blogger, and damn, I don’t know if I can do it.

But after spending 25 years doing only things that I am confident and comfortable doing, I figure it’s time to be silly and do crazy things! It’s a dream come true, really, to be able to take time off and travel, so I want to create a space where I can frame my experience into words and photos, to have something to look back when I am 60 and toothless.

So what’s in for you?

Not much for now, sorry (what? I am just being honest here!). But let me tell you a quick story: I popped my solo backpacking cherry after reading a particular blog post from a particular travel blogger, and as dramatic as it is, my life has changed since then. So maybe, just maybe, with my poor writing and bad quality pictures, you could somehow draw a picture in your head, which includes you, a backpack, a beautiful country where you do not speak the local language and a big, fat smile on your face.

Because that’s how my picture looked like when I landed on a tiny airport in Thailand 3 years ago.

So hop on and let’s go for a ride. It’s gonna be a little bit shaky, we might get lost, I might freak out, but it’s gonna be fun.