I Choose Happy

I flew home from Vietnam for a week to celebrate Mother’s Day and to get a few things done. This afternoon, I found myself sitting in a restaurant alone, surrounded by working adults. Everyone had their company tags around their necks, the ladies carrying a small pouch with their smartphones and cash inside, the men scrolling through their phones while slurping on their noodles. By 1:50pm, everyone was rushing to finish their lunch and making their way back to work.

The restaurant was quiet again.

Just about 3 months back, I was like that, too. I worked full time and had my little cubicle like everyone else. My colleagues and I discussed where to go for lunch every day, we gobbled our lunch thanks to our 45 minutes lunch time rule, we took turns to bring snacks for everyone to munch on at work.

This is one of the shopping malls back home that I used to patronize frequently. I walked into all my favorite clothing stores, spent an hour at my favorite book store, bought new t-shirts to replace the ones that have been stained when I was in Vietnam, window shopped at the grocery store.

After a few hours of walking, I ordered a matcha latte and sat down at a café. Making full use of the Internet, I opened my Macbook and started researching Myanmar (my next destination, yay!).

I used to browse Zara’s website every other week to see what’s new. A new dress, a new pair of shoes or a new perfume cheered me up and kept me going. My friends used to compliment my outfit. I used to set aside money for retail therapy. In college, my best friend and I even started a fashion blog.

This is not a post about how much I have changed or how abstemious I have become. I am simply counting my blessings.

I liked my job, had wonderful colleagues, supportive superiors, decent income. I quit anyway because it was time to take time off and travel, and I am so thankful for having the ability to do it. I was happy then, I am happy now. Being Ashley is wonderful, being Abu is just as great.

Of course, there were and will always be moments when everthing just does not seem to go the way they should, when I was employed, I day-dreamed about leaving all responsibilities behind and traveling the world. Now that I AM traveling, things do get frustrating sometimes (all the bloody decisions I have to make every other second OMG), and I wonder why did I do this to myself haha. But overall, #blessed!

Everyone’s life is like a canvas (wow not cheesy at all, Ash), and it really is up to us, how we want to paint it (cheesy 101). If you have decided to hustle, make big bucks, then do it, and be happy with it. If you have decided to walk on the path less traveled, do it, and be happy with it, too.

We are so lucky to be alive. And yes, whatever we do, we Can be happy.

18485483_10154945024529475_3329329945937622024_n (1)

Happily hanging out with the cows today hahahahaha!




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